PETE KLIMEK MUSIC – Original songs written and performed by Pete Klimek.

“This Truth” – Questioning everything is healthy. It enlightens and proves human intellect. Often what we have been taught to perceive as ‘absolute’ – in truth and through the willingness to explore and search for, we will discover clarity in choice itself. Nobody that has passed on to ‘the next world’ has EVER come back (unless you are a crazy dreamer, insane romantic, slightly mad or absolutely delusional). So, whatever you are fighting, killing, hurting and circumcising your own life for, this song is an ode to the sad reality that you have wasted it all… for nothing?

Let’s Make Love – I wrote this as a kind of anthem to all the beauty which exists and things that should still matter, in response to the negative news feeds and cruel, senseless and futile history humans feel they need to write and rewrite. This ‘sacrificing of children on the altars of lies” must stop! (Cesky tekst:  Nech Lásku Žít: Šarka Navrátilova, Jan Klimek & Pete Klimek).

AMEN is one of the most simple songs I have written. It’s as sacred to me as a perfect Chardonnay wine, yet as worldly as a stranger’s smile. It’s as understanding as I can be when I question the origins and destination of the ‘soul’ and Amen is a lyric I am proud of.

“If you take off your shirt, take off everything. I wanna see your bare soul and not just naked skin…” I wrote “My Happy Song” on a night when I realized: “I’d like to give you this world, but there are so few pretty things…”

Nobody Knows and Tambourine Wheel are songs that Paul Q Dirksen and I wrote together (as the duo The Flood – and that we will always be proud of.

There is a “Force That Moves Us All” – Perhaps it’s the love of friendship, religion, the hunger for power or money or food? Tell us what ‘force’ turns your world?

Everyone Started Running was probably inspired by Bob Dylan’s “The Mighty Quinn” in some way. This isn’t about the politicians saying how tragic it all is, how their prayers are with those departed and those left behind with nothing. This is about you. It’s about me and the hungry, angry, directionless generation of forsaken and abandoned orphans, futuristic revolutionaries refugees and wasted oceans of unwanted human disaster spilling, streaming and invading foreign lands. We all have an opinion – mine is woven into the tapestry of this song….

(Just Like) Little Jack Horner – This lyric explores the harsh lines that divide the fine tapestry of fairy tales, history and the nightmares some choose to believe are really true. Perhaps the bleeding queen is the same as the whore being sold in those neon shops and greasy cafes. Maybe that blood is actually yours and mine? At times, it feels right to rattle these dark cages. Do you see the lights, babe?

How often the strongest things are at the mercy of the weakest thread. A Bouquet Of Roses (perhaps withered or tucked neatly in a box and stored in a drawer) will bring the hands of yesterday and the arms of the past to embrace and comfort you?

Hold You – These words came to me on a New Year’s Eve spent on a deserted icy beach in Holland. The world was drinking fine wine and opening gifts and I was celebrating my new song.

Gentle Hands – Perhaps what we are all after is the human touch, a smile or just a kind word? I hope this song with soothe and massage all your senses as I intended it to.

Winter To Spring (Thanks For Everything) was inspired by the easy-listening and depth of the country music genre. There is no doubt that the traveler and the one who remains behind each undertake similar journeys and I hope your ears find what’s left of my heart in this cathartic expression which is my song.

Roses and Thorns” – For anyone who has been to Rotterdam, Berlin, Prague or almost any European city, you will have witnessed there are monuments and memorials saying “War – Never again!” Yet it doesn’t take much vision to ‘see’ the hatred we feel for one another, the greed with which we’ll kill for power in the name of country or some god that always seems to know best. This is not an angry song, it’s a realization that without ‘death’ there can be no ‘life’ – it’s also coming to terms with humans ensuring that there will always be more pain than gain.

Until Time Takes You Away – “Sometimes words will greet us as strangers – sometimes our bodies will meet as friends” – I wrote the words to this song after crying like a baby through The Brothers Four’s rendition of Greenfields (again). The Czech lyric was a natural addition because I feel it’s not only a homecoming, but a a transition to the roots that are as a a part of me as music is, in itself, my life story. My song lasts about as long as it takes any lover to come and go, flip through a religious book or drink a beer, but my song will still be here long after he is gone, faith is proven to be ficticious fairytale and your glass is empty. This is where Leonard Cohen meets Mickey Newbury on the stairs of my deepest inspiration.

I wrote “Shadows” in Rotterdam, Holland after watching the strangers stumbling towards the methadone bus that would take them to their daily ‘fix’ and shelter. They could be you, they have been me, my best friends and all that is left of our souls after hope has dealt them the worst of all possible hands. In the mornings they ‘flowed’ back to the station, where their days were lost and wasted in a routine spent, once again, waiting for that bus… “If a million people passed by, the two million eyes wouldn’t see…” (I wrote this song into my home language as well and you can listen to the Czech version here:

Kind Of Man – I was taking notes from books on positive thinking when I met the poet who reached through the mirror and with his bare hands he held my throat. I leaned in and heard his laughter as he stole my smile. We exchanged hunger and needs and whatever it is that can make the soul bleed and with his desire, he set my song on fire. The instruments are, as always, done in my studio and the focus is not as much on the absent orchestra as it is on the excellent string section that made it into my final cut.

Wishes – There’s always a reason to celebrate – after writing twenty million and seventy fourteen and a half greeting cards last year dealing with birthdays, graduations, holidays, divorce, weddings, engagements, romance, religious, coming-of-age, sympathy, separation, hope, dreams, travel, changes, ambition, success, failure, travel, discovery, exploration, enjoyment, discovery, loss, found and so many diverse, special occasion greetings that mean something to someone, I thought the essence of what I always said remained the same, so I captured these “wishes’ in the form of a song.

I love and am constantly inspired by the great songwriters of country music. “Nobody Cared” is a simple country song that was written sinking into the depths of the not so glamorous musical gutter trying to survive ‘gigging’. There are possibly influences of Kristofferson, Newbury and Cohen in it. I recorded it in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Eagle is perhaps the first ‘real’ song I ever wrote. I recall the days when a 14 year-old kid lived on infatuation and dreamed of romance. Perhaps the ‘eagle’ is a metaphor for something that we all say goodbye to too soon?

Time blurs emotion, photographs fade and flowers wither, but I wanted the intent and emotion I felt when I wrote I Will Love You to remain unblemished and eternal, so I wrote and recorded it in a song.

Thoughts Of You was born beside a campfire under the stars of the most magnificent , natural and then unspoilt Bains Kloof just outside Cape Town, South Africa. I was alone with my nostalgia and sentimentality and (dare I use the word) melancholy? “There are no gifts, no strings, no deals, no promises, no lies, no doubt… why complicate things?”

As most of my songs are autobiographical pages, Lisbon documents my transition between Africa and Europe. Other than the fiction plane crash, the rest is all true – from the low nicotine cigarettes to the postbox.

Christmas In July is melancholy, sentiment and regret that we all feel at some point in our lives. It’s a dark place and open space. It’s where being alone is overshadowed by absolute desolation and loneliness. It’s a realization that the fear of growing old alone is not just possible, but very probable.

This Dreamer echoes the silence from the bedroom after the thrill is gone. You stopped smiling and it wasn’t something I did. It was because of something I didn’t do.

The Boy In Me (And The Woman In You) throws shadows on religion and the humanity in humans. It explores emotion and the understanding that time and forever are linked in any way. My lyric also challenges life and death itself as it acts against an unfaithful love. “I’ve been trying so hard to find sand in this desert, teardrops in the ocean and stars in some heaven…”

South Africa, Goodnight – This is not an angry song. It’s a documentary, of sorts. It is what it is, of course and my enthusiasm is not lost. As long as there is laughter, a sense of humor, vision and energy, there is hope and a prayer for survival. South Africans are the most beautiful, friendliest/warmest niggers of this world. We feast and survive on the opportunistic maggots of yesterday’s politics and today we practice slimy unfair racial injustice, segregation and absolute hypocrisy. So, we almost unwillingly will be left far behind when it comes to any ‘worldly’ vision of a colorful future, because we choose to limit/starve ourselves and see only in dreary shades of black in white.

All Pete Klimek songs are written by Pete Klimek and recorded, produced and mixed by Pete Klimek in my studios (Cape Town) and duplicate studio in Singapore (excluding “Nobody Knows” (recorded in Cape Town’s Milestone Music Studio) and “Tambourine Wheel” (recorded in Apollo Studios in Leiden, The Netherlands).

All songs © 2017 Pete Klimek

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